DSR Fulfillment

The complete discovery-driven solution that has everything you need to meet all your Data Subject Request obligations. Our Deep Automation technology accurately discovers and retrieves subject data to give you confidence and speed.

DSR Fulfillment from A to Z

From request intake to a final response; our DSR fulfillment process is simple to manage while delivering a positive experience across the web for your team and customers.

  • Intake, data retrieval, deletion, review, and response
  • Subject identity verification
  • Fully customizable workflow
  • DSR metrics and reporting

Our end-to-end automation doesn’t come at the cost of flexibility. You can choose any of our out-of-the-box workflows or just as easily customize and create one of your own based on variables such as your internal business process, location, or type of DSR. We designed our solution so that it easily fits around your unique needs.

High level diagram of data subject request fulfillment
High level diagram of discovery-driven DSR fulfillment

Discovery-driven DSRs

Your DSR response is only as good as the data it discovers. Don’t guess when it comes to your compliance obligations. By classifying and mapping everywhere subject data may reside, Divebell's discovery-driven solution goes deeper than any other product.

  • Accurate classification of personal data in every cell, row, and file
  • Subject data relationships mapped across sources
  • Cloud, SaaS, on-prem, AWS, GCP, Azure, structured and unstructured

You can rest assured that true content-based data discovery backs the DSR process. Our solution automatically and continuously tracks which sources contain subject data so that you are not left with obsolete inventories. Importantly, you do not need to constantly follow up with multiple teams to update your data map.  

Scalable automation

Data continues to increase in complexity in terms of volume and technology. Your DSR solution should be able to scale with it, without requiring custom engineering. With Divebell, your IT team need not write queries to fetch the correct data, nor will you will need to file any IT tickets.

  • Connect complex data sources with flexible query templates
  • Search for subjects on various identifiers such as email, phone, name, etc.
  • Control which fields are exposed, redacted, or annotated

Query data based on a living and accurate data map. Let Divebell’s intelligent automation orchestrate DSR searches across your entire data landscape. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.  

Product screen section showing DSR workflow progress

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