We designed our powerful, easy-to-use platform to meet the needs of privacy teams across functional areas, drastically reducing the time spent on privacy and compliance management. We believe that when privacy and data issues are easier, you can focus on the work that matters to you most.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, our team is led by industry veterans from Vontu, Symantec, Trifacta, IAPP, PwC, Lookout, and Nymity. We’ve built a world-class data privacy and security platform that allows companies to take command of their compliance, customer data, and privacy.

Headshot of Vikram Shrowty, Chief Executive Officer& Co-Founder

Vikram Shrowty

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

Vikram has been building best-of-breed products such as Vontu’s Data Loss Prevention platform and Trifacta’s Cloud Data Wrangling for over two decades. Along with leading teams at successful start-ups, he worked extensively with industry leaders like Symantec and GE, where he helped build GE’s Predictive Analytics IoT platform, Predix. Divebell originated from his work with privacy teams who needed a better approach for protecting their data.

Jeremy has served as a technical leader at marquee data and security companies like Vontu, Symantec, Lookout, and Trifacta, where he solved product challenges in Data Loss Prevention and enterprise data. As an early member of the Gladly team, he helped bring a cloud-native SaaS experience to customer service. He holds three patents in data risk analysis and has a passion for elegant, human-centric solutions.

Headshot of Jeremy Mailen, Chief Technology Officer& Co-Founder

Jeremy Mailen

Chief Technology Officer
& Co-Founder

Headshot of Ashish Shrowty, Chief Product Officer& Co-Founder

Ashish Shrowty

Chief Product Officer
& Co-Founder

Author of the DMSuite data profiler solution, now Delphix, Ashish created the Global Enterprise Data Services Platform at Metlife as VP of Data Services, ran data services at BNY Mellon, and led data analytics at healthcare communications start-up Vela. His deep experience in regulated data governance allows him to drive product solutions that work in enterprises and growing companies.

After joining the IAPP in its early days, Aaron went on to VP roles at privacy tech platforms Sentinel and Osano. He is on the advisory board of the Rise of Privacy Tech, chair of the Boston IAPP Knowledgenet, and one of the most experienced privacy software executives in the business. His unique history in the industry allows him to build strong partnerships with our customers.

Headshot of Aaron Stevens, VP, Business Development

Aaron Stevens

VP, Business Development

Headshot of Constantine Karbaliotis, Legal & Privacy Counsel

Constantine Karbaliotis

Legal & Privacy Counsel

With 19 years in multinational privacy including acting as CPO at Mercer, VP at original privacy-tech firm Nymity, and privacy lead at Symantec, Constantine is one of the leading legal voices in privacy today. A frequent speaker at international and industry events, he has also taught for many years, both in privacy certifications and in higher education. His thought leadership helps guide Divebell’s vision for empowering the modern privacy leader.

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