Compliance Automation

Streamline compliance with deep automation that goes all the way to the data. Turn labor-intensive, mandated tasks into quick wins and let your team get back to strategic work.

Continuous Risk Assessment

Track the baseline of how your organization uses sensitive data and go beyond the point-in-time meetings.

  • Compare data elements and business purpose over time
  • On demand RoPA
  • Processing change notifications

Divebell keeps the entire history of data presence, making it easy to see week-over-week changes or to audit important past events. You can get notified when new personal data elements are collected. Data owners can annotate the purpose in-product, so that risk assessments are seamless and up-to-date.

Automated DSARs

Quickly respond to subject rights requests with confidence, without creating tickets for IT.

  • Search subjects across all data sources
  • Collect all of the subject’s personal data attributes
  • Customize report templates to bring the data together

Privacy laws require organizations to respond to any person’s data subject access request (DSAR). An individual may ask to see the data you collect on them, to correct their records, or to be deleted (right to be forgotten). Divebell simplifies this task — a complex one for most organizations — because we know exactly where to find each piece of subject data. We design Divebell to connect coherent subject records across multiple sources, and to give you complete control on what to report.

Data Retention

Know what data you retain and be assured it will be deleted at the proper time.

  • Collect an inventory of regulated data
  • Monitor across sources, new and legacy, upstream and downstream
  • Specify rules for retention periods

Divebell implements data retention strategies by tracking data history and understanding the attributes of subjects. That way, you can quickly identify data to be deleted, and take action or set controls.

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