Enterprise Personal Data

Discovery & Security

Go beyond checking the compliance box to solve real risk

Consumers own their data

In this new era data loss prevention is no longer enough.

Why?   ❯ 

Full Lifecycle Personal Data Protection

Know verifiably that your most important data is protected, in the right places, and used for the right purpose.

  • Data Maps
    Continuously updated and monitored.
  • History & Search
    Time traveling history shows where data was and who had access. Search for subjects across all repositories.
  • Enforcement
    Policy rules to secure data and alert you to risks.

Greater impact sooner

Give the privacy and security teams a way to win for everyone without the high effort.

  • Advanced detection
    Large library of industry data detectors included. Machine Learning, fingerprinting, and multi-field records for high accuracy.
  • Lightweight
    Intelligent approach does not impact production systems.
  • Cloud native
    Hybrid architecture for ease of deployment while keeping your sensitive data inside.

Tools for privacy Ops

Like dev ops and security engineering, privacy is becoming an integral concern for technology teams. What software will they use to succeed?

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