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Example user interface of Privacy Report
Example user interface of Privacy Report

Divebell’s lightweight, easy-to-tune, cloud-native product is engineered for DevOps, IT, cybersecurity, and all tech teams who actually keep our data safe day in and day out.

—Jesse Robbins, Founder & CEO Chef, Amazon “Master of Disaster”

Headshot of Volker Hauf, Chief Architect, Birdzi

“Divebell protects our customers’ data on Snowflake and AWS. Their compliance reports help demonstrate our commitment to safety and privacy, which earns the trust of our large enterprise partners.”

— Volker Hauf
Chief Architect, Birdzi

Headshot of Oskar Burning, CTO, Peek

“Divebell is the data watchdog we all need: its continuous classification and monitoring capabilities are essential for implementing scalable governance and policy.

— Mike Holmberg
Director of Data Privacy & Governance, HP

Headshot of Joan Pepin, CEO ZeroWall, former CSO Auth0, BISO Nike

“Divebell’s automated platform protects our customers’ personal information and privacy so we can focus on booking great experiences for them.”

— Oskar Bruening
CTO, Peek

Headshot of Dwight Doscher, Director Security and Compliance, Stride

“Day One for a compliance leader at a new company means taking stock of what you have and what needs to be made compliant through your audits. Divebell is the practical way to do that.”

— Dwight Doscher
Director Security and Compliance, Stride

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