Careers at Divebell

Senior DevOps Engineer

Divebell has a complex and distributed architecture that processes highly sensitive data for large enterprises. Our ideal candidate has experience with, and interest in architecting the deployment and monitoring of solutions that scale well and meet strict security standards. As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you’ll implement the platform and processes for Divebell and make operations visible through reporting and metrics.

Skills We’re Looking For

  • A four-year degree program
  • 3–4 years of experience in a DevOps experience at a tech. startup is highly preferred
  • Expertise with infrastructure-as-code tools such AWS CloudFormation, HashiCorp Terraform, and Pulumi.
  • Experience with data infrastructure, pipelines, and CI/CD tools
  • Ability to program and script in Python, Typescript, etc

Hop Onboard!

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