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Say It. Do It. Prove It. Navigating the Compliance Trifecta in the Age of AI

On-Demand Webinar

This webcast focuses on the challenges organizations face in adhering to evolving privacy and data protection regulations in today’s AI-driven era. Our CTO, Jeremy Mailen, joins Robert Fowler, CIPP-US, to share valuable strategies, real-life examples, and best practices on leveraging data discovery effectively to navigate compliance in the age of AI. You’ll learn more about the compliance trifecta — “Say It, Do It, Prove It” — as a framework for addressing these challenges.

“Say It”
Effective data discovery practices help identify and classify sensitive data, ensuring that privacy policies accurately reflect compliance objectives.

“Do It”
Data discovery enables effective management of data access controls, encryption, automation of data retention schedules, handling of data subject rights, consent management, and other key compliance activities.

“Prove It”
Data discovery allows organizations to generate accurate reports, audit trails, and documentation to demonstrate adherence to privacy regulations during audits, inspections, and legal proceedings.

Legal, privacy, compliance, and data management professionals will learn about valuable strategies to optimize compliance efforts, reduce risks, and ensure regulatory adherence.

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